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Disney, Pirates, Caribbean
Hawthorne Village
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Hawthorne Village

Set Sail with Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Ship and Figurine Collection Inspired by the Epic Movie! Unique Christmas Gift! - Hoist the sails and prepare for a voyage across the mighty seas this holiday season!

This exciting Disney Pirates of the Caribbean collection welcomes you aboard the famous Black Pearl Ghost Ship. Meet your "mates" in Issue One with six fully sculpted figurines of the cursed crew, including Captain Jack Sparrow. It won't be long before the moon grows full and you receive Issue Two - the mighty Black Pearl Ghost Ship.

This sculpted masterpiece full of lights, sound and motion comes ready to be boarded by your additional issues with varied selections of pirate figurines (and accessories) in pursuit of vessels to plunder and booty to fill their treasure chests. Inspired by the adventurous blockbuster film, this Hawthorne Village collectible is ready to shiver ye timbers and makes a unique Christmas gift for any fan of the film!

This collectible pirate ship is amazingly handcrafted and hand-painted to frightening effect! It even lights up with eerie illumination to showcase a treasure of meticulously sculpted detail. From skeleton pirates that actually move to spooky sounds and real tattered cloth sails, this Disney movie collectible is the finest ship to sail the Spanish Main!

Hurry to order your Disney Pirates of the Caribbean ship collection or give as a unique Christmas gift. Strong demand is expected and you won't want to miss out on bringing home Captain Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl Ghost Ship.