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Ardavany Studio
Acting / Voice Overs

 The Ardavany Approach
Acting Studio

All Day Workshop

 Master the Art of Acting On-Camera

With Tom Ardavany

Price:  $150.00  per workshop

  call for location dates and time

Summary of Program: 

Animators, Actors -

Animators are referred to as "Actors with Pencils".

Enhance your animating and drawing abilities, add more life, emotion and expression to your characters.


Emphasis will be place on centering, the wheel of perception, and character development.  All materials will be provided for you.  We will work from 9am to 1:30pm, break for one and a half hours then work from 3pm to 9pm.  It will be the equivalent of one "on set" twelve hour day.

Your work in class will be recorded on camera, and reviewed after class.

Come join us all day Dec 8 and January 12th.  With pilot season upon us, you can never be too prepared, so bring on 2008.  End the year and start the year by bringing joy, abundance, and confidence into your work.  Be ready, have fun, and kick butt in the new year!


The Ardavany Approach Acting Studio
 517 Ocean Front Walk #8
Venice Beach , CA , 90291

Phone:  (310) 450-2848