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Beiman, Nancy

Rochester, NY United States

Professional Summary

     Nancy Beiman is an experienced animator who has created characters and worked on story development for every studio that's ever hired her. At this time she is an Animation Professor at RIT, Rochester Institute of Technology, NY and is working with students on projects using 2D, CGI, and stop motion.

     As a world traveler, she has worked in supervisory capacities in England, Germany, France, Denmark, and the USA and has directed a television special and projects in interactive media. Her latest projects include illustrated books and a textbook on animation story and character design.

Film Credits:

      Treasure Planet
      A Goofy Movie
      An American Tail II: Fievel Goes West
      Werner Beinhart
      Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore
      The Blooper Bunny Personal films: Your Feet's Too

            Big (cel animation, 1984)
      The Other Eden (computer graphics, 2007)

TV/Video Credits

      Bugs Bunny's Lunar Tunes
many commercials
      Surf City
      The Crayon Factory
      The Berenstain Bears On Their Own


Special Achievements:

      CINE Goden Eagle for personal film Your Feet's Too
      ANNIE award nominee for storyboards for Little

           Angelita, 2000
      Your Feet's Too Big screened at Lincoln Center, 2006
      Student film screened at Museum of Modern Art and                 Georges Pompidou Centre as part of Cal Arts                       tribute
Short film The Other Eden completed entirely on                         computer, 2007
      Animation Professor at the Rochester Institute of                     Technology


Member of the Animation Guild (TAG)
Member of the Creative Talent Network (CTN)
Member of the National Cartoonists Society (NCS)
Member of the Australian Cartoonists Association (ACA)

Productions Skills

Producer of short films and animated commercials: organized teams of animators in several countries and produced films on time and on budget.

Positions Held

Supervising Animator
Character Designer
Development Artist
Storyboard Artist



Walt Disney Feature Animation
Walt Disney Television Animation
Warner Brothers Animation
Philips Sidewalk Studio
TFC Trickompany
Gerhard Hahn Filmproduktion GmbH
Caged Beagle Productions
many commercial studios

Additional Skills:

      Duffy and the Invisible Crocodile
      Basil Bigboots the Pirate
      Dewey's Helping Heart

WRITER/ILLUSTRATOR of bestselling storyboard and character design book PREPARE TO BOARD!  STORYBOARD AND CHARACTER DESIGN FOR ANIMATED FEATURES from Focal Press (2007)


Original Cartoon Art
and my cat Gizmo.


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