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     Political caricaturist, illustrator, and graphic designer Peter Green began his career in Manhattan in the late 60's. His early foray into the world of political and editorial caricature quickly earned him frequent appearances in Esquire, New York Magazine, Life, Playboy, and many other editorial publications.

     Following his move to Los Angeles in the early 70's. Peter established a design company and expanded his artistic vision far beyond illustration. He established a special color effects lab, photography studio, and focused on movie marketing and other aspects of entertainment industry.

     With a staff at times over 30 strong, Peter Green Design created the world largest kids club and magazine for Fox Television, and designed video and ad campaigns for virtually every major and minor film studio in Hollywood, as well packaging for software and toy world.

     Peter's passion for things political and his love of caricature have remained intact through the years and continue to be beautifully expressed through his world-famous "Politicards" series.

     First inspired in 1972, Peter has illustrated the leading political contenders and pundits of several national election years with his trademark brand of humor, gently roasting each character with a non-partisan blend of comedy and insight. Politicards are now one of the most sought-after election gifts, and early editions are considered rare collector's items.

     Along with running his design business and creating Politicards, Peter is active in charitable works and has contributed his time and talent for the past eight years to Shaquille O'Neal's charity, "Athletes and Entertainers For Kids," raising funds through high visibility and innovative programs to support kids at risk across the country.

    Peter currently resides in Glendale, California, with his wife Dawn and four children, Danny, Michelle, Jamie, and Michael.


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