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Zicree, Elaine

West Hollywood, CA, USA


     Writing both individually and as a team, Marc and Elaine Zicree have over 100 credits to their name, including series such as Star Trek - The Next Generation, Sliders, Deep Space Nine, Lazarus Man, Beyond Reality and Babylon 5, plus multiple pilots for NBC, ABC and Showtime.

     They have written for virtually every major studio and network, and their work has been nominated for the Humanitas Prize, Diane Thomas Award, and American Book Award.

     Marc and Elaine served as Executive Producers on Real Story, a pilot presentation they wrote and produced in association with OZ's Tom Fontana, starring Buffy's Armin Shimerman.

     They also co-wrote Two Sisters, an MOW for Warners, to which director Tony Bill was attached. 

     Magic Time, a two-hour pilot for Henson, was spun off into a bestselling series of books, published by HarperCollins from 2001-2005.

     Multi-talented, Elaine has also served as a writer, actress, director and producer, Off-Broadway and in L.A.

     Elaine is currently working on Caesar, an independent feature she has written and will be producing. 

     She and Marc have also recently written multiple episodes of PBS's Liberty's Kids, a dramatic series about the American Revolution starring Walter Cronkite, Michael Douglas, Billy Crystal, Dustin Hoffman and Arnold Schwarzenegger, which garnered them the Humanitas Prize nomination.

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