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Collectibles Today, Ardleigh Elliott
Aurora Musical Egg

Disney Sleeping Beauty Collectible Music Box

Ardleigh Elliott

     Stunning Disney Sleeping Beauty Collectible Music Box! Peter Carl Faberge Style Egg Showcases Graceful Princess Aurora! - No matter how often you watch the classic film, Sleeping Beauty, and see the lovely Princess Aurora stirred from a deep sleep by a kiss from Prince Phillip, you are delighted to know that all is well with the fair princess and her handsome Prince!

     Be enchanted by this unforgettable cinematic scene in Ardleigh Elliott's first-ever Peter Carl Faberge style Disney Sleeping Beauty collectible music box that glistens with platinum accents and more than 100 hand-set rhinestones and simulated jewels.

     You'll be spellbound by Princess Aurora's regal beauty in this handcrafted limited-edition Heirloom Porcelain(R) Disney Sleeping Beauty collectible music box.

     A cherished keepsake or ideal Disney princess gift, it even plays the movie melody of Once upon a Dream. Strong demand is expected, and you won't want to miss out.