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Lord of the Rings

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The Bradford Exchange

Exclusive First-ever "The Lord of the Rings(TM)" Perpetual Calendar with Porcelain Plate Art, FREE Wood Calendar Display - Travel back to a time when dark Evil threatened to destroy all that was good, and one unlikely hero, Frodo Baggins(TM), held mankind's fate in his hands.

Aided by a Fellowship of warriors, a powerful wizard and his loyal friends, this little hobbit set off on a perilous journey to save the world.


From now on, whenever you check this first-of-its-kind The Lord of the Rings(TM) perpetual calendar on the wall, you can relive the amazing adventures of "The Lord of the Rings" movie trilogy!

Now, fill your year with 365 days of adventure with this limited-edition only from Bradford Exchange.

This Perpetual Calendar Collection honoring the movie epic, "The Lord of the Rings" comes with a custom crafted wood calendar display yours FREE*; - a $75 value. *** Express Shipping Available ***