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John Wayne Movie Classics DVD Pack! 20 Movies Celebrate The Duke's Career! Digitally Remastered Collectible - John Wayne was known for bringing his own brand of Western justice to the sprawling plains and burning deserts.

In a career that spanned five decades, The Duke starred in unforgettable classic Western movies including "The Dawn Rider," "The Desert Trail," "Blue Steel" and "The Man from Utah."

Now, you can pay tribute to one of the film industry's most beloved icons in a collectible John Wayne movie DVD pack that showcases 20 of his classic movies.Celebrate a true screen legend with this John Wayne movie classics DVD pack from Mill Creek Entertainment.

This John Wayne memorabilia boasts four double-sided discs with 20 hours and 43 minutes of digitally remastered, gun-slinging action. Also makes a unique gift for fans of The Duke.